Sunday, November 22, 2009

Books (Non-Wicca related)

Hey Everyone,
I love reading, I have written about all the non-fiction Wicca books I love, but I also really enjoy teen fiction. I love reading all the vampire books like The House of Night series, Vampire Academy, Night World, Vampire Diaries, Dark Visions and so many more. But recently I have gotten tired with the doom and gloom vamp stories, instead I have been reading a variety of other teen novels. I have read a lot of the Gossip Girl novels, even though they are kind of shallow, they are fun and it is cool to escape into another world where designer is the new Wal-Mart. The other books I have really been enjoying are by Sarah Dessen. They are sort of worst-case senario stories and how people deal with it. I am currently reading Lock and Key and Just Listen. The first book that I read of Sarah Dessen's was Someone Like You. Her writing style is amazing, she writes in a way teenage girl can relate to, even if she is in a completely different situation. Sarah Dessen's writing style draws you in during the first paragraph and keeps you hooked. I really love her books and look forward to reading more. Reading is my passion and I enjoy reading not only Wicca books but regular fiction as well.

Thanks for reading, check back soon for more!

Blessed Be!

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