Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hey Everyone,
One of the things that I haven't mentioned yet in any of my posts, is how much I love writing.   I am writing a book right now, I do not want to give to many details yet, because it is still in the research stage.  I also enjoy writing poetry, because I find all the different forms of poetry you can write absolutely amazing!  For school this past year, we had to do a poetry portfolio with 8 different poems that we wrote.  Most people were like "this is lame, who likes poetry", but it was actually the most fun I had in class all year.  So some tips if any of you ever have to write a poetry portfolio for school:
1) Write poems about things you know, like books, or tv programs or movies, just something you normally enjoy, that'll make it more fun in the long fun.
2) Many teachers want the poems to be decorated, and when you decorate it, don't let it be a chore.  Take your pencil crayons, sit on the couch, listen to music, have fun with it.
3) Reward yourself, every time you finish a poem, take a break, have a snack, or go for a jog.  Whatever makes you feel better.
Hope some of these tips are helpful!

Blessed Be!!

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